What is a virtual assistant?

Business owners with extensive PA experience who provide secretarial and administration services to business owners and individuals as and when needed. Working remotely, hence the term “virtual”,  is a benefit to businesses who do not have their own premises.

How do you work remotely?

Documents can be sent via email or shared online. Alternatively they can be sent via Recorded or Special Delivery.

Diaries can be managed online.

How does it all work?

Please take a look at our How Does It Work page which explains in more detail how to get started. Any questions then please get in contact.

Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

Money – if you earn a higher hourly rate than you would pay a virtual assistant is it cost effective for you to spend a day on admin when you could be out meeting your clients and working on your business? Plus you only pay for the time that you use and no more.

Time Management – by delegating the tasks that take up a lot of your time but don’t use the most of your skills you can free up time to work on the projects that keep getting put on the back burner and spend your time more productively.

Ditch the boring jobs – sometimes you just can’t face the mundane tasks and find that they keep getting put off. Pass these over to us to ensure that your business stays on top. We love administration!!!!!

No employment worries – virtual assistants are freelance and work remotely. No staffing costs, holiday pay, sickness pay and no overheads.

Flexibility – workloads and requirements in business can change from day to day, week to week. You can employ a virtual assistant as and when required and only pay for the time you need. You get flexibility plus experience. A win win.

Experience – virtual assistants have years of secretarial and organisational experience.  Take advantage of that knowledge.